Male privilege is dismissing female athletes.

Male privilege is constantly being told that “nobody watches girls basketball”. Which by the way is not true, LA/Chicage/Conneticut/Houston arenas tend to sell out tickets. 
Male privilege is being told that “boys play better than girls which is WHY more people watch the NBA”. Women tend to play better basketball fundamentally because they are not granted with the height, speed and hops that men are inherently born with. Women shoot better, play better defense (actually play help defense/rotate better), have fewer turnovers and higher basketball IQ. Do you want to know why more people watch the NBA? Just because some guy can slam a ball through a hoop. A lot of ‘NBA fans’ will be just as happy with watching a highlight reel of a game than the actual game. Those who watch either NCAA women’s basketball or the WNBA will actually see that the TEAM contributes to scoring, there isn’t a one man takeover. Women tend to run an offense & actually make reads off that.
Male privilege is watching women’s sports and choosing to discuss a players body/look than their actual talent. Skylar Diggins plays for Notre Dame, is a great point guard and scorer. I found a forum which just talks about how ‘hot’ she is. I’ll take a minute and say she is beautiful but how can they overlook her basketball TALENT?

No basketball player or any athlete wants to be famous for what they look like, they want to be famous for what they do. Also Britney Griner (who can dunk.. probably why they’re afraid of her because these men probably can’t) was called a ‘monster’. It really annoys me when this happens, from both men and women. Athletes usually want respect for their game and should not be sexualized.

Male privilege is the pure fact that NBA rookies get paid 3x more than WNBA star athletes.

Male privilege is the fact that some guy will tell me that I have no idea about what I’m talking about, although I can probably talk more ‘basketball’ than him.

Male privilege is when I beat a boy in a game of basketball and then told that he was “playing easy”/”letting me win”, because of course being pushed at or his attempts at blocking my shots don’t hinder my ability to win at all.

To all my female athletes, keep your head up and just remember that everyday you’re either getting better or getting worse, you can never stay the same!

The Women’s Basketball Gold Medal game against France averaged 10.2 million viewers, up 73% versus 2008 (5.9 million).